Understanding how to vote

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When it comes to understanding politics I realize that many people feel overwhelmed, and disappointed and would rather avoid it altogether. However, it is still an important part of our lives. Who we vote to represent us affects the economy, taxes, the price of food and gas, health policies, and how free we remain as a people. The Bible was …

National Day Of Prayer

David Wilson cultural issues

Today our country is at a crossroads. Many Christian prayer warriors may soon realize an incredible victory in the fight for life, namely, Roe V Wade which in 1973 took control of abortion restrictions away from the states and encouraged a new era of permissiveness in regards to using abortion as a means of birth control. Contrary to much of …

SB1 Abortion for Minors

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SB1 will be heard today at 2pm. This bill gives minors the right to an abortion without parental knowledge. It also would give minors the right to birth control without parental knowledge. They are trying to take away the importance of the parents in our children’s lives. Please pray that this bill is not passed. Mahalo Link below for more …

Local Legistation Updates

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Election Day Prayer

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Lord Jesus, we thank you for watching over us and being our light in the darkness. We pray that on this day You would place upon the hearts of your people and those who do not yet acknowledge you to vote for those who will uphold righteousness and justice in the land. We pray for the godly men and women …

Parent Alert: What are they planning to teach your Children?

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Parent Alert Expose Live Call Fri Oct 7 at 4:30 Moms 4 Liberty joins Hawaii Parents United — guest Jennifer McWIlliams from movie Mind Polluters reveals AUDIT of S.E.L (Social. Emotional. Learning) IN DOE right now.– find out what they are teaching the Keiki & what the plan is –live report only no reply — share with parentsĀ  Time: Oct …