Some perspective in the midst of the storm

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By now most of you have heard many sermons, mine included, on how God is in control and that we are not of this world and that we need to keep our eyes on Jesus. While all this is true and should be our focus it does not mean that we completely retreat from our civic responsibilities in government. We …

The “You can’t take the Bible literally” Fallacy.

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The following is an excerpt from my booklet “a few tips on how to read and study the Bible for yourself”. I thought in light of recent statements by politicians on the Bible This was appropriate to share. Authors intent– What was the author of the text communicating? Have you ever commented on social media and been misunderstood? Did someone …

The Anti-Christ Conspiracy

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by David Wilson Conspiracy theories used to be on the fringe of society but in the past few years with the rise of social media, they have become much more prevalent. They range from the highly unlikely, such as the existence of aliens and bigfoot, to the more probable. Conspiracy by definition is a plot by a covert group of …

Talking to my friends about politics

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If you’re like a lot of folks when it comes to politics you would rather stay out of it and avoid the topic altogether. Unfortunately the times we are living in make it a hard subject to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be a tense discussion if the topic comes up. When someone makes a statement, especially one that …

Unashamed: Embracing my identity

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Within the Christian faith there is no room for racism, bigotry or prejudice of any kind. Since the beginning the human race, which shared the same parents, have always founds ways to divide themselves from one another over familial status, tribal locations, economic standing or even how “sun kissed” their skin was. We share a certain brotherhood as every single …

How I decide who to vote for

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You might have been told that you aren’t voting for a party you vote for the person. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding in how our political system works. You are first and foremost voting for a party platform whether you realize it or not.