The Divorcing of the American Mind from Reality

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On October 7th of 2023, Innocent Israeli civilians were attacked by Hamas as well as by various groups of Palestinians who broke through the fence boarding the Gaza Strip. They killed raped and pillaged. They murdered babies, killed parents in front of their children, and took more than 200 people hostage. These are well-documented facts. As a result, Israel decided to finally do what needed to be done. Confront their enemy and dismantle the terrorist organization that has been in charge of the Gaza Strip since 2005.

How did America react? News organizations, which have already been losing credibility with the public completely and uncritically accepted propaganda from Hamas as real news. No verifying of information, no checking sources. They just saw what fit their narrative and published it, Repeating the lies of Hamas that Israel is committing genocide when that is the goal of Hamas. Israel is at war with genocidal terrorists who train their children to hate Jews and think of them as non-human.

Meanwhile here at home, we have young people on our college campuses protesting Israel’s war in Palestine and chanting slogans like “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” which calls for the complete eradication of the Jewish state. We have also seen multiple cases of antisemitism right here in our own country, a place where Jews should feel safe. Why is this happening? How can so many people be fooled into supporting the Palestinian agenda? Unfortunately, it is far more than just misinformation.

The oppressor vs the oppressed mindset

By now most people have heard of Critical Race Theory or Neo-Marxism. If you have not then here is the short version. CRT takes communism and rather than dividing the world by working class vs the rich it uses Race, gender, or sexual identity (intersectionality) in place of the working class or the oppressed, and the rich are replaced with those who are perceived to have the most power in society which we have been told are rich white Christian males, otherwise known as the oppressors.

The idea is to overthrow the oppressors so the world will be good and full of rainbows and unicorns. Sorry for the sarcasm but this belief system, by its nature, is a a very childish way of understanding the world. However, this belief system has been ingrained in our colleges which were supposed to be institutes for higher learning.  As a result, our colleges are churning out teachers who are taking this to elementary schools and intend to teach this to children of parents who are Christian, or of other faiths or beliefs that completely contradict CRT, gender queer theory, and neo-Marxism. This is done intentionally to drive a wedge between children and parents so the next generation can rise up and throw off the “oppressor”

The problem with this mindset is that it divides the world up in a way that ignores history cultural context and common sense as well as human nature. For one Israelis are not the occupiers they are the indigenous people of the land we call Palestine. They have been there for 3500 years. This is the homeland of the Jews. The occupiers are those non-Jews who are in the land and are refugees and settlers from the Arab world. The Jews have had to deal with many occupiers over the years, The Persians, the Romans and the Ottoman Empire. There is no such thing as ethnic Palestinians. It has the same meaning as calling those who live in California being called Californians.

The Lack of historical education

We should not be surprised when children are not taught about World War II or the holocaust the genocide of 6 million Jews, or the communist revolution that killed 50 million people that they are easily swayed by the very propaganda that led to the slaughter of all these people in the last century.  When they do not learn about Hitler’s Youth who marched through the streets and were radicalized by nazi ideology and turned against parents and religious leaders they are prone to follow in their footsteps.

Not only have we omitted to teach important history to our children but they have been exposed to a rewriting of our American history that paints the past with a broad negative brush such as with the 1619 project rather than a balanced approach that speaks honestly about both the negative and the positive.

When we teach history, we need to acknowledge that slavery and segregation were evils but we also need to celebrate the Civil Rights Act and overcoming discrimination. Otherwise, we dishonor the heroes of our past such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks. Things are not the same as they were in the 50’s or the 70’s we have moved forward. But if we continue to allow this nonsense to be taught in our schools, we will produce a generation that has no hope for a better future.

Our education system is failing on a massive level not only by not preparing our students to be competitive in the global market but also by filling their minds with useless and harmful views that do not reflect reality making them anxious and afraid and placing them in a perpetual victim mindset rather than preparing them to reach for their dreams and hopes of a better future.

The false moral equivalence view

The view that all belief systems, religions, groups, or organizations are all equal or all have both good and bad actors is false.  This is a case of people believing what they want to believe rather than accepting things as they are. For example, Israel and Hamas are not the same. Hamas is a terrorist organization that seeks the total elimination of the Jews. They do not accept and never have accepted the idea of a two-state solution. They do not believe the state of Israel has a right to exist. They teach their children to hate Jews. They use their people as human shields. They have no problem with involuntary martyrs to further their cause. On Oct 7th they committed genocide against innocent civilians and held little children as hostages.

Israel has done none of this. Before they attacked Gaza, they communicated through various means including leaflets dropped from planes into Gaza warning what was coming. They do not target civilians but civilians’ casualties will happen as they do in every war. Israel did not go into Gaza and rape or torture women or kidnap children. They brought incubators Into the hospital in Gaza for the babies. Those demanding a ceasefire and a two-state solution have no clue what they are talking about. Israel has bent over backward under international pressure to do what no other country has been asked to do during a war. When critics are confronted and asked what would they have Israel do. There is silence. They have been asked to do the impossible. How can you possibly avoid civilian casualties? War is a horrible thing. But when evil people take away your right to live in peace what are you to do?

Losing our religion

Where has common sense and critical thinking gone? Why can’t people who disagree with each other have conversations without going ballistic? Why is the American mind becoming so weak and malleable and disconnected from the reality of what is happening in the world? Western civilization and America itself were built upon a mindset that was heavily influenced by Christianity and the Bible.

 Many of the freedoms which we enjoy, the ethic of hard work and resilience, and hope for the future did not come out of a vacuum. That, My friends, comes from a Christian worldview. Those who are so quick to dismiss the Bible and could care less about Christianity and are convinced the “patriarchy” must be overthrown do not realize that they are washing away the very firm foundation our society was built upon and they are replacing it with a sandy shifting foundation based in failed communist ideals of the last century. If we continue down this road it won’t be long before we see the destruction of our country. My hope and my prayer is that we are not too late.