Mark 1:-115 Kingdoms in Conflict

David WilsonSpiritual Battle

Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God. What we need to realize is that we are in a battle between two kingdoms. the kingdom of God and the kingdom of the god of this age, the devil. we cannot have dual citizenship we must choose our allegiance and be bold. this is not a time for timidity by to speak what is true …

judges part 4: The Battle Within chapter 16

David WilsonSpiritual Battle, spiritual growth

Samson and Delialah show us what can happen when sin takes hold of our lives. Far from being a religious idea contrived by man or a stigma of a bygone culture this sin thing is real. It affects our perception of reality, allows us to be controlled and manipulated, by others and ultimately destroys us from within. But thank God through Jesus Christ …

American Idols (Acts 19:22-34)

David WilsonSpiritual Battle

Idolatry is more than just misplaced priorities or materialism. It is at the heart of what hinders the church in America. Idolatry divides us within. If we desire to be relevant and have a revival we must repent of our idolatry and give our hearts fully to God.

Healing power Acts 3:1-12

David WilsonSpiritual Battle

Healing and miracles still happen today. But not everyone is healed. Many Godly people suffer still. This subject brings with it some expectations but often leaves questions as well in regards to pain in our world and the will if God. Join us as we look at a story of healing and how we can draw some answers from Peter …