The Birth of Hope

David Wilsonhistory

most dont realize the impact that Jesus had on the entire world. Imagine if Jesus was never born. He affected the way we value life, how we treat others, modern literacy, government and so much more.

O Holy Night (songs of Christmas series)

David Wilsonhistory, spiritual growth

What in the world does the verse “long lay the world in sin and error pining” mean. This song speaks of the human condition and the longing for an answer to the problems facing our world. Many people have proposed solutions to bring peace to the world and make it a better place but all attempts have fallen short. There …

A Thankful Nation (the origins of the Star Spangled Banner)

David Wilsonhistory

Holiday, monuments and memorials exist not necessarily to wholeheartedly endorse everything that happened in the past but they stand both as a reminder of what we have come through as a people as a nation. They impress upon on the importance of not repeating the mistakes of the past and being thankful for the freedoms that we have today. With …

The True Origins of Thanksgiving.

David Wilsonhistory

A Short historically accurate account of how the first thanksgiving happened and eventually inspired an American Holiday! 6  minutes.

Americas Christian Heritage

David Wilsonhistory

(originally presented prior to last Thanksgiving 2016). Even though certain elements in our society wish to deny our ties to the Christian faith or to try to revise history to suit their own agenda it is important that we know the truth of our founding. Although America is far from perfect it has an incredible history that should never be forgotten.