Reaching the Next Generation: The Case for Apologetics

David WilsonApologetics

We are in a battle for the minds and hearts of the next generation. When we see all the agenda coming against our kids to reshape their┬áthinking against those beliefs we hold dear it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you can’t just say “Jesus take the wheel” and walk away unless you want Satan┬áto jump into the driver’s seat. The church …

A Biblical Worldview (How we grow part 3)

David Wilsonspiritual growth

2 Peter chapter 3. An essential and often overlooked part of spiritual growth, especially in our western culture is the importance of forming a Biblical Worldview. God desires that we not only believe in him but that we stop and think how what we see hear and believe about the world we live in matches up with what the Bible …

Apologetics part 1

David WilsonApologetics

Apologetic basically seeks to answer three questions in defense of the Christian faith. Where did we come from, Why are we here and where are we going? in a culture that is divided in opinions and belief systems apologetics is increasingly more important in aiding us sharing the gospel ,message.