Young Adult Fellowship survey

 Hi Everyone, I enjoyed spending time with you guys on Tuesday and I want to make each Tuesday night something that will be relevant and impactful in your lives. For that, I need your help. Below I have listed a few suggestions for teaching/discussion.  Please Let me know. 1 is not so interested with 10 being the most interested. The topics are endless this is just a starter list. Feel free to add on. ( I tried to do this on survey monkey and then they wanted to charge me so just copy and paste this into my email at and type in your answers. Thanks, Dave.

“Finding my future spouse.” What to look for in a husband or wife.

“It’s complicated” navigating relationships the good, the bad and the awkward.

“Learning to forgive”

“Dealing with anxiety”

“Identity” Who does God say I am?

“Why is everybody so angry?” a clash of worldviews

“Final destination” What happens after I leave this earth.

“Messages in the movies” the stories we watch often have themes and messages that may support or challenge the Biblical narrative.

“Messages in the music” Music was originally meant for worship of God but in the wrong hands it can be a powerful tool to sway people away from God as well.

“The gifts of the spirit” how I can serve God with my life.

2. Any topics not listed that you would like to learn?_________________

3. Would you be interested in a movie night on occasion?  ___ If yes how often? _____

4. Any movies that you would suggest?

5. What do you hope to learn from our time together?

a. building relationships

b. increase Bible knowledge

c. learn to defend my faith in conversations with others.

d. grow closer to God.