This is a follow up page from Tuesday nights Young Adults Fellowship


Last night we talked about the Biblical view of the unseen or spiritual realm and the importance of knowing that reality. The Scriptures Genesis 6:1-4, Genesis 11, Deuteronomy 32, Psalm 82 paints a picture for us of rebellion not only of mankind but of the heavenly host or God’s Divine Council and the ancient conflict with God Elyon the Most High. We learned that people chose to worship these spiritual beings that God had created rather than God himself. What is important to remember is that as a follower of Jesus Christ we have an advantage in a spiritual battle. Attacks often come as anxiety, fear, and depression among other things. and they often come into the believer’s life as they are trying to get close to God. so don’t be surprised or think it a strange thing. if that happens, Here’s what you do. Worship or giving praise to God is a weapon, prayer in Jesus’ name is a weapon, quoting scripture is a weapon. one more thing, practice acknowledging God’s presence throughout your workday. Purposely address him and thank him for his abiding presence in your life. and don’t be surprised when he answers back. this may come in a word of encouragement in your heart. a scripture may come to mind, or perhaps a sense of comfort. Be open. God loves when his people pursue him and he will respond.