Talking to my friends about politics

David Wilson Uncategorized

If you’re like a lot of folks when it comes to politics you would rather stay out of it and avoid the topic altogether. Unfortunately the times we are living in make it a hard subject to avoid. But it doesn’t have to be a tense discussion if the topic comes up. When someone makes a statement, especially one that i may disagree with, before I Let myself get triggered I simply ask them a question such as. Why do you believe that? or what led you to take that position? This does a couples things rather than just trading barbs you have let the person know that your interested in listening to what they have to say and you also learn more about where they are coming from and how you can respond. If they for example desire to see injustices addressed in society you can let them know that you also desire to see that and can explain how the Biblical view of justice differs from some modern political ideologies.

Step one listen and ask questions

Step two find common ground where possible

Step three explain your view on the subject from a Biblical perspective.

This doesn’t immediately mean it wont be a heated conversation but it definitely gives it a chance to be a more productive one. A big part of educating people about politics and is to have people that are willing to listen and in this environment of trading memes on the internet it may seem impossible but its not.

Just the other day I was listening to a reporter who had decided she wanted to get out of her own echo chamber of only hearing and speaking with people who believed the same as her. she was warned by here friends that the other side would be vicious. But her experience was far from what she had feared. She dared to talk to some conservatives and was pleasantly surprised that they were not what the media had made them out to be. Now rare is the person that may venture our on their own like that. But if we can help them along the way by applying these 3 basic rules we might have a more pleasant conversation.