Nehemiah Part 6: Happy Happy Happy!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Happy Happy Happy!

For the longest time I have heard a phrase repeated often. I myself have used this phrase as well. There is a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is based on external rewards and joy comes from within. Sounds nice doesn’t it? I realized however that I had always assumed this and never really checked out were this idea came from. When I did my Bible study and research. You know what I found out? Joy and happiness are the same thing. Where we find our happiness and Joy however. What it is rooted in is what makes the difference. For the people of Israel in the time of Nehemiah they had just rebuilt the wall and rededicated their lives to the Lord. They had a lot to rejoice about. So that’s what they did they came together and worshipped the Lord and rejoiced. I am going to just read two verses today as we complete our study in Nehemiah

Nehemiah 12:27;43

I have never heard anyone say that their goal in life was to be sad. The American dream isn’t the Ife liberty and the pursuit of a mediocrity.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to just be happy. However, we can place our hopes for happiness and joy in the wrong things.

  • Popularity there are a ton of social media apps for people to share their life on. Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, face slap…. It a tool of affirmation and comparison to others and it’s this contest to see how many followers you can get. But here is a reality check,
  • people- not everyone who says they are your friend is your friend. Perhaps you have found that to be true in life. Unfortunately, some people are only your friend as long as you are useful to them, you make them feel good about themselves or you provide some benefit. We would call these fait weather friends. And you can find a lot of those
  • but true friends stick with you and are willing to be your friend through the hard times. I am so thankful to have those people in my life. You don’t need a lot just one or two is good.
  • Prosperity Money is a tool that in the hands a of a wise person can be used for good. However, the love of money is the root of all evil as Jesus said. It can seem in the short term make things possible in the lives that will bring us joy. But it is fleeting.


  • Wealth is a means not and end. If we see wealth as a goal a destination in and of itself without any greater purpose it will leave us empty inside


  • Most of our problem with finding happiness is we think its something to be found, to be pursued, to be chased down and put in a box and kept. This is the deception, you will never find it in more things, more money, more relationships. Because it requires a state of mind, a way of thinking that is elusive to the non-spiritual person.


  1. Where we find happiness and joy.

Happiness isn’t a destination but a decision to enjoy the good things in the present while trusting God with our future.

Our identity in Christ. Who I am.

  1. What our joy and happiness can do for others

Brings peace to our friends- genuinely happy people are nice to be around, comforting, peaceful. This is the power of Christian fellowship. How many of you have a friend or two other than your spouse that is a believer that you get together with on a regular basis where you get into the Bible and share with one another? The reason pastors talk about small groups and Bible studies isn’t that we want you to feel obligated to do one more thing. It's for your benefit.

Joy attracts people to the gospel- people are going to eventual ask questions when you seem content or happy because there isn’t a person on the planet that is not searching for that.

Joy is a sign of the devil’s defeat-. Notice that the singing and the instruments were so loud without any amplification, I might add, that they could be heard from far away. Guess who was far away but in earshot. Those who tried to defeat them. Let that be an encouragement Christian that no matter how much these false profits of doom tell you that the church is out of date and old and fading away. Don’t believe them. instead let your praise rise to the heavens and be a warning to them That God is coming.