Nehemiah Part 3: Building Together

Saturday, September 21, 2019

There are so many needs in the world today, needs just in our own state that it can seem overwhelming, even intimidating to think about trying to make a difference. But the gospel of Jesus Christ is one that is transformative and powerful not only to the individual but has been instrumental in transforming entire cultures, entire societies.` If we have God within us through his Holy Spirit, we can have a great and powerful effect on those around us if we are willing. It takes faith and believing. Nehemiah was talked to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem. No small task, it was intimidating, may be overwhelming. But as we will learn today, he had a lot of help by people who also wanted to rebuild the kingdom

 Nehemiah 2:11-18

  1. Every believer has something to contribute. -I don’t know if you’re like me but. I have never been particularly into any kind of sports. Of course, I have all of my life this one burning question. After how tall are you and that is can you guess it? “do you play basketball.” Or now its “did you play basketball” But I have never heard anyone walk up to someone under five feet and ask if they were a horse jockey. People assume things about you because of the way you look. in school we had PE. And they would select to play basketball or some other game. And someone was the captain of the team and they would pick their players and I would be the last one picked. Because they had a preconceived notion of who I was or what I could do and when I didn’t meet that expectation I was disregarded as being helpful to their cause which was to win the game. I even remember hearing the Phrase used “What a waste” because Evidently the in their eyes the only thing I was good for is to play ball.

Unfortunately, that can even happen in the church where it seems that a few can play and the rest are just spectators on the bench. I have never wanted to be that kind of church but to be a place where everyone has something to do if they desire it. Why? because that’s what I see in the Bible. As you read in chapter 3 everyone took part in rebuilding the wall. Each took responsibility for a portion of it. and in God’s kingdom, it’s the same. Each of us has a portion of the Kingdom of God we are responsible for building up. We can’t just wait around for a handful of leaders and pastors to do everything. We have to ask God what he wants and step forward to carry it out.


  1. God’s Kingdom isn’t built by celebrities but by ordinary people serving their God.

recently there were a couple of Famous Christian celebrities in the news that had either expressed doubts about being a Christen or had completely walked away from their faith in Christ. It’s a terrible thing to see any believer fall especially in the public eye like that. But the reality is they are no different than anyone else. We tend to put people on a pedestal and lift up their opinions sometimes too much when we ought to be going to the Word of God for ourselves. It is true that some Christians have become well known but by far most of the millions of people that are led to Christ and discipled are by people you will never hear about outside their immediate church family. They will never write a book or be featured in some article but they are faithful in serving God.


  1. Everyone is responsible for building the kingdom. what was impressive about the rebuilding of the wall was that it wasn’t just one large group that did the work many people took responsibility for a small portion of the wall. And each one of them just focused on doing the best job they could on that one small portion. In the end, the wall was completed in only 52 days which was quite an accomplishment in that time where they didn’t have all the equipment we have today.

Each one of us has been given abilities and certain what we call spiritual gifts. Each one of us has been a task with building a portion of God’s Kingdom. It may be evangelism, sharing your faith with others, discipleship, that is helping other Christians grow in their faith. Maybe you meet with one or two people on a regular basis to help them along on their spiritual journey, perhaps you’re an intercessor, you get up in the morning and you begin praying for the church, for leaders, for other people you know, Perhaps yours you like to help others in need, perhaps you’re a giver. God has blessed you and so you bless others when they are in need. There are many opportunities to build that seemingly small portion of Gods Kingdom but it’s a big deal to God and his kingdom is built a lot quicker that way than placing the burden on a few visible leaders.

 Where do I start?

    1. What are you passionate about?
  1. What has God helped you to overcome? Drug addiction, alcoholism, anger, depression, heartbreak, divorce.

  2. What do those you trust say about you?

It is time for the church to come out of the fog of complacency lukewarm living that does not seek to be separated from the world that is being corrupted by the evil one. We can no longer be aloof and unaware of the evil in our midst that is constantly desensitizing God’s people and lulling us into inaction. Or the belief that there is always more time. There may be more time for the Church to serve but is there more time for you personally to serve. Are you almost out of time or do you think you have many more years to come?