Destined (Ephesians 2:1-10 Under Construction Series)

Is there any purpose in this life? Is there a reason that we exist? These are some of the greatest questions that humanity has asked itself. Most people believe in God or a greater power in the universe than a small minority of people believe that there is no God at all and we are just here by some random chance even though much of the latest scientific findings seem to refute that idea but in fact seem to point to the idea that the universe shows signs of being planned out in detail. Now when we look at the Bible it speaks not only of a God that planned out the universe in fine detail but also that we have a part in that divine plan. That we who serve him each have a plan and a purpose for why we are here. That it is no accident that we were born at this time in history.

Ephesians 2:1-10

We were dead in our sins- that is the life of God was not in us. We never want to forget what God has done for us. So many get it backward. God didn’t look down from heaven and see how awesome we were and say hey look they have it all together I think they should be my disciple. No that is not what happened. We were the walking dead. Going about our lives devoid of the life of God.

We were under the influence of the devil-We followed the course or the pathway of this world. A certain way of thinking that is under the influence of the devil. The idea that the devil is real and he uses his evil spirits to influence and control people to do his bidding is a laughable idea to the unbeliever but it is Biblical.

How those under the devils' influence live-?

“we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind”  this word PASSIONS in the Greek is epythomai or an OVER DESIRE a craving, a lust. When we are under the devil’s power our feelings are our god. this is why everything is about sex in our society. Sex is lifted up and worshipped today just as it was in ancient pagan cultures.

       Human trafficking-

       Abortion-nobody wins every one loses

       Promotion of Gender fluidity- in the schools

       Promotion of all forms of sexual relationships outside of a one woman and one man in a marriage covenant.


We were children of wrath- yes, The Bible teaches that we were enemies of God. what was hidden in the darkness is coming out of the shadows. Those who kept quiet before are no longer quiet about their hatred of God and gods people. Does that surprise you? We not only see this in terrorist attacks in foreign nations but are witnessing a rise in this nation of hatred towards the church and anyone who supports true followers of Christ.

God rescued us the kingdom of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of light- aren’t you glad you were saved from all that? What an amazing God. did you know it was that bad? Often, we don’t realize how dark the darkness was within us until the light of God comes into our lives. God has given us so much. You might say our status has been updated.

  • Made alive together in Christ- we are no longer dead but now how the life if God within us through his Holy Spirit who is always present with us and will never leave us.
  • Saved by God’s grace, not of our own good works- we are not saved because of anything we did or will do. We cannot be saved by our own merit.
  • Seated in the heavenly realms- Although we are physically here on earth our spiritual position is that we are also present with Christ. This is a bit of a mind blower but consider for a moment. God is present everywhere. That his holy spirit is with you at the same time the spirit is also in heaven. Spirit isn't limited by time or space. We are always present with the Lord even when we may not acknowledge his presence. That is one aspect of being seated in the heavenlies. Here is the other heavy thing. Being seated next to a king is a position of favor.

We are his workmanship- the word is translated poem. We are God’s poem. Our lives are like a magnum opus. A journey of experiences, pains, and difficulties, storms and trials, joys and wonders. Until one day God has finished writing our story. It becomes a beautiful poem the great thing about poetry is that it inspires us, moves us. Speaks to us. God can use the poetry of your life to inspire or encourage another.

God has plans for us- We are not saved by our good works but to do good works- that is the difference between the calling of the followers of Christ. We don’t do good because we are trying to get to heaven. We already know our destination. We are trying to fulfill our destiny. That is the good works God has planned in advance for us to do.

Expectations– it’s pretty wild to think that God has things planned for me to do. That when I get up in the morning there is actually a heavenly agenda. Were just not naturally set to think that way.  But when it comes to Gods plans sometimes I struggle.  Do you ever wonder what Gods plans are for you? Let me share with you something I have discovered over the years of being a Christian. There is a difference between

  • What I think God wants of me- sometimes I have put pressure on myself to do things that God never called me to do. Why because perhaps I was looking at someone else ministry and making a comparison that would make me question the way I was doing something. Sometimes we place expectations on ourselves that God never put there.
  • What other people think God wants of me- There is no shortage of advice in the Christian community. And a lot of it is good but we must remember that no one else can tell you God’s exact plan for your life. You can listen to sermons, read books and fill up on a lot of good teaching but you still have to sit before God and pray and listen. Sometimes the conventional wisdom of the day and the current trends don’t fit what God has for you.
  • What God really wants of me- I have discovered that God is profoundly more interested in the person I am becoming than in the works that I am doing. Because if I am becoming like Christ than I will do Christ's work. It is uncomfortable to think about transformation. IT is much easier to be told what to do than to consider what to become.