The Armor of God: The Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit

I have never meant anyone that enjoys being lied to. We live in times where we turn the channel and here someone take 5% of the information from some story and then fabricate a whole narrative and repeat it over and over and gets a whole bunch of people upset until someone actually does some fact checking and finds out the thing story was false or completely taken out of context but here is the crazy part even after the facts come in people will still believe the lie no matter what evidence you present to the contrary. Because its all about emotion.

This is what the devil does to get people on his side. He tells lies about God about others even about who you are. Why? because he will do whatever it takes to deceive people and get them on his side. To him. the ends justify the means. This is spiritual battle. Battle for truth a battle for hearts and minds, a battle for souls. The church is being attacked from all sides these days and that should be no surprise to us because the lst thing the devil wants is more souls saved, more people experiencing freedom in Christ and more people heading to heaven.

Ephesians 6:10-18

The Sword of the spirit- is the word of God-

Watch how you handle that thing you have to be careful you just don’t pick up a sword and start waving it around cause your going to hurt someone. you’ll poke your eye out. You need some training first.  lsome people start throwing the word of God around like they know what their doing with it and they hurt people because they have either accepted a false teaching themselves or they misinterpret its message.

 Countering The counterfeit gospel- some of the most dangerous attacks against the church are not from outside but from inside. Those who infiltrate the church and teach a false or counterfeit gospel message. They tell you if you just be obedient to God and try and be a good person than God will bless your life, your problems will go away, you’ll be successful financially and have a great marriage. You’ be healthy and so on. Sounds great right? Who wouldn’t want to be blessed? But is that what the Bible really teaches?

Fighting the good fight-All the apostles except John were executed for their faith in Christ. Millions of Christians have suffered persecution and martyrdom and have been willing to endure many difficulties just to get the message of the gospel to as many as possible. I highly doubt the hardships they endured was so the average person could simply live a happy life here on earth. Often God’s plan for us will involve some pain and suffering. The gospel is not about chasing happiness but about pursuing God. Its about a God who loves us and desires to save us from the train wreck that humanity has become. its about turning from sin and being transformed into the likeness of Christ

The Sword of the spirit isn’t for cutting people down but for cutting down the lies people believe- our battle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces of evil. the word here for Word of God is Rhema which is the spoken word. That simply means when it comes off the pages and is spoken by us through the power of the holy spirit who is within us. When we speak the Word of God that’s power.

Trust the power of His Word-- I think we have gotten used to trying so hard to make the word of God palatable to an audience that isn’t interested in repentance. We can try so hard to convince people that they need Jesus that we become afraid to tell them why they need Jesus. We our afraid to offend so we don’t tell them that we are all sinners and come from a lineage of traitors that betrayed the one who created us. That the result fo contuing on that path will end in death for now and eternity lest we repent and turn from our sins and believe on Jesus Christ and his suffering and death on the cross for us and that as he resurrected from the dead so will we if we follow him

Jesus told us that people are going to be offended by the gospel no matter how you present it. to the apostle Paul says our message is a sweet fragrance to those willing to accept the truth or it is the stench of death to those who are perishing

I have seen the word spoken plainly sometimes do more work than all the flowery presentations.  We ought to get back to just trusting that the Word of God spoken in faith will yield powerful and effective results. In fact that is what it says in the following scripture.

Heb 4:12

Living and Active- I hear that the Bible is outdated and no longer relevant to that I would ask what part? How about that shall not kill? Is laws against murder outdated? How about not coveting your neighbors wife? Is that law outdated, thou shall not bear false witness? I mean if murdering committing adultery and stealing are outdated….Just because its old doesn’t mean its out and just because its new doesn’t mean its true. Scientist have helped us progress far on a technical level but if we are going to progress spiritually, we need Jesus

Have you ever felt the Bible was speaking directly to you? Well it is. The Holy Spirit within you illumines that is highlights the scripture so we can apply it to our lives. And it is powerful and effective if we are humble and willing to listen to him.

To divide soul and spirit – the souls is that fleshly part of us that desires the things of this world that may or may not necessarily be evil and the spirit desires what God wants and the word of God helps is divide that is discern what is of God and what is not. We need discernment today because even those of us who have been believers for a long time can be deceived by sin and hardened our hearts. The word of God is not just for cutting down the lies out there but the lies we may start to believe ourselves.

I read just this week about a very well-known Christian author who announced that he was no longer a Christian that he was walking away from the faith and divorcing his wife of 19 years. When things like this happen, it can really shake the once who have looked up those who have achieved a sort of celebrity status in the Christian community. However, we must remember that no one is immune to the schemes of the devil. This is why we put our armor on and why the Sword of the spirit is key.

I wish I could say that everyone who I knew as a Christian in my teen years was still walking with God but I can’t some have shipwrecked their faith.

Never lay down your sword- God will sustain us through this life no matter how hard the battles may be whether its our own internal struggles or its external attacks from the enemy trying to discourage us. Keep in mind one thing. If you are experiencing resistance you must be doing something right. It means that you are in the fight.