Prayer Requests-

Our Country- We need to pray for strength for our president and those in office who have been standing up for the church as they are under constant attack. We are in spiritual battle against forces of darkness that wish to take this country in a decidedly anti christian direction. Let us pray for eyes to be open and the cloud of disillusion to be cleared away that we might preserve the country God has given us.

OUR ISLANDS– for a Spiritual revival to take over the state, For a defeat of the spirit of suicide and depression. For our leaders to have eyes and hearts open to do what is right for the people and the economy. The economy is the people. without is we cannot sustain life on the Islands.


Thank and Praise God that we have a nice place to have in person services.

for Bob and Dawn Basuel- Healing from cancer in her lungs. and healing and strength for Bob especially in his legs so he can walk.

If you have any prayer request that you would like to add to the list please go ahead and text me back and I will add it. Thank you all you prayer warriors.