National Day Of Prayer

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Today our country is at a crossroads. Many Christian prayer warriors may soon realize an incredible victory in the fight for life, namely, Roe V Wade which in 1973 took control of abortion restrictions away from the states and encouraged a new era of permissiveness in regards to using abortion as a means of birth control. Contrary to much of the fear-mongering and propaganda that we are seeing this decision by the high court will not outlaw abortion nationally. However, it is a victory against a culture of death and destruction.

While we praise God for any victories we have much to pray for in our nation and around the globe. Would you join me as we intercede in prayer?

Father God,

We are so thankful, most of all for sending Your Son Jesus Christ to save us from sin and destruction. We thank you for our families, for your church for this state and the nation where we have the privilege of being able to worship you freely and openly without fear. We humble ourselves and ask your forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our nation against a Holy and righteous God.

We pray for the Military, Police, and First Responders who place themselves in harm’s way to keep us safe. Please give them the strength they need this day.

We pray for our Families that you protect them from the enemy’s influence in school, media, and the workplace. That you give parents the knowledge and the courage to stand strong against the tide of teaching that is counter to your word and those who seek to corrupt the minds of our children.

We pray for our churches and spiritual leaders for wisdom and discernment in these times. Let us not be caught up in false teaching or hollow and deceptive philosophies of the day but remain faithful to teaching your Word.

We pray for our government leaders from the president and leaders of our nation all the way down to our local representatives that you would open their eyes to the truth. We pray for Godly men and women to rise up all over this nation and be willing to serve in public office, restore law and order, and promote righteousness in the land.

We pray for the wars and conflicts, especially in Ukraine, that there would be an end in sight. that the bloodshed would stop and peace might prevail.

Most of all Lord we pray that many more would open their hearts to you and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who has died for our sins and rose again from the dead that we might have power over sin and receive eternal life.

We know that in the end you are a sovereign God who controls the events that we see. We put our trust in you pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus