Election Day Prayer

David Wilson Uncategorized

Lord Jesus, we thank you for watching over us and being our light in the darkness.

We pray that on this day You would place upon the hearts of your people and those who do not yet acknowledge you to vote for those who will uphold righteousness and justice in the land.

We pray for the godly men and women who have answered the call to serve in civil government and for those who support our values to be a voice for the voiceless, those who are unborn.

We pray they would uphold the constitution as our founders intended and protect us from unjust legislation that would seek to take away the freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and parental rights, and promote sexual immorality among our children.

We pray they would be a guiding light for common sense policies that would protect our economy, our borders and our people from violent crime as well as lead us away from unnecessary international conflicts

We pray for the integrity of our elections and that you would move upon the hearts of those who believe in you to make their voice heard and vote.

We pray that there would be an awakening among the nation and that your light would expose what is in the darkness, that the lies that are being told by those who desire to hold power would be laid bare for all to see. And that righteousness and Justice would be upheld in the land.

O Lord, we put our trust in you. Only you can restore us. Be our guiding light and our hope Today.

In Jesus’ Name We Pray