Classes are usually held Tuesday Nights 7-pm. Each session allows time for General Questions and Answers about the Bible, Christianity, and Related Subjects.

The Book of Hebrews- a careful study through the book of Hebrews in the New Testament (Current Class)

Understanding the Bible – a 2-hour workshop where you will learn the origins of the Bible, how to properly interpret scripture as well as learn the techniques and tools of effective Bible study. (dates TBA)

Foundations of Faith– an 8-week course based on the book of Romans designed to teach key concepts of the Christian Faith such as Salvation through Faith, Avoiding Legalism, the meaning of Freedom in Christ, understanding the struggle between Spirit and Flesh and other topics. (dates TBA)

Apologetics part 1- 8 weeks. explores the evidence for the Christian faith and the support of the Biblical narrative in history as well as science. Learn to answer common objections to Christianity.