Caution- Propaganda Alert

As a Shepherd of God’s flock I believe that it is important to not only teach you the Word but only to warn you about what is going on in the world so that you are aware. Most of you that I talked to are aware of bias in the news media but it has gotten much worse especially since the election. Its not just a bias its complete fabrications that we are seeing now. While I occasionally will turn to CNN or MSNBC just to see what they are saying. it is hard to stomach. Its reminds Me of how old movies depict the state run news of Russia and China during the cold war. its gotten that bad. so I would like to on share with you some news sources that I believe are not only safe but much more truthful. While your going to get a little bit of bias no matter what The following sources are a much better alternative and will help you to be more aware of what is actually going on. One more thing, I watched a host on Americas Voice actually share a whole segment on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the importance of the cross. When have you ever heard that PBS, CNN or any of the mainstream media stations?

If you have a Roku or a smart TV you can watch PlutoTV for free which includes NewsMax, Americas Voice and OAN.

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