A Call to prayer for Afghanistan and our nation.

David Wilson Uncategorized

As many of you know by now our current administration executed a withdraw from Afghanistan that is nothing short of disastrous and has put not only American citizens in danger but women and children at risk not to mention many Christians and basically anybody who doesn’t adhere to the Taliban beliefs. Although a spokesman for the Taliban has said that they won’t harm anyone reports on the ground that are coming through personal phone calls are telling a much different story. guns are being collected from citizens and the Taliban is going door to door rounding up people. Our military is currently trying to get as many people out of the country as possible. I can only imagine being in that position. Please join me in intercessory prayer for the citizens of Afghanistan, our citizens that are stuck over there as well as Christians and missionaries. Who we vote into leadership matters and as I have said many times before we must be clear-eyed and aware of the policies of those we vote for and not buy into the constant character assassination of good people that stand for solid policies that protect all American citizens, not just a handful that supports a far-left agenda. Lets us be aware prayerful and continue to stand for truth.