The Rapture 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

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The rapture of the church is not some made up teaching without scriptural basis or the wish of those believers desiring to avoid persecution. such accusations are insulting to the millions of Christians who endure persecution in this present age. No matter what our interpretation of end time prophecy it is a subject that must be approached with humility and …


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Being a parent can be rewarding and a blessing but it is not easy. Although much of raising kids seems to be on the job training there are some core principles given to us in scripture that can guide us in making the right decisions for our children.

Lying to God

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The church of today would do well to learn a lesson from this passage. Hypocrisy is a charge that is often leveled at Christians. It is also a sin that God dealt with in the very beginning of the church. But long before we lie to God we lie to ourselves by compromising with sin a little bit at a …

The need for spiritual leaders

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The church today is¬†sacrificing its prophetic power by raising up leaders based on ability and charisma but ignoring the character requirements of scripture. There is a difference between worldly and spiritual leadership. The spiritual leader enters into a spiritual battlefield and fights a war that the world does not prepare them for. Often leaders in ministry¬†and even pastors can be …

When God pursues us

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Gods arms of grace extend far beyond what we could imagine. Some people feel beyond redemption. That have have done too much to be forgiven or have gone too far. However the story of the conversion of the apostle Paul gives us much hope even for those who feel far from God.